marie-ravenelMarie Joséphine Ravenel was born the 21st of august in 1811 in the mill called “la Coudrairie”. Her father, Marin Ravenel, born in Gonneville, was also a miller. Her mother, Marie Lepoitevin, was a wool spinner.Marie has a sister.

Very early, Marie develops intellectual abilities over the average. Self-taught, she is 5 years old and know percfectly how to read. she has a real passion for reading. her parent have only few books at home, so the parish vicar will lend her books. She read them with a real greediness, and most of all, she prefers mythology theme.

at the age of 7, Marie goes to school in Réthoville and attends classes very regularly. She learns how to write at this time. when she was 10, she went living in a wool spinner\’s. She comes back home very quikly, because she missed the mill so much

At 14, she leave\’s her home ti a dressmaker\’s as an apprentice. Th dressmaker was also a teacher!

marie spent magic moments there. At 15 she starts writing, fables at first. 7 yers later, she writes poetry and will make it her passion. she published her first work at the age of 412, a real succes in libraries and poetry circles!

10 years later, she writes a second work with additional poems. She will publish her complete works at the age of 79.

therefore, she is recognized as to be a very talented writter in poetry circles. she becomes Mr De Lamartine\’s frined! (Monsieur De Lamartine is a very famous French poete of this time, as you know!)

Marie will experiment love and marry at 18, a servant who was working for a father. her husband was illiterate ans ten years older.She will give birth to two sons and one daughter.

In 1842, the family leaves the mill with regrets to set in Carneville during 10 years, and, at last, will leave in Fermanville.

In 1893, Marie Razvenel is pretty old, 81. She passed away in her daughter in law\’s house in Fermanville. In order to pay tribute to her, Saint-Pierre-Eglise local communities authorities renamed the mill “Marie Ravenel Watermill”.