This eighteenth century watermill, so called « la Coudrairie », has been working till 1935. It will be then neglected during 64 years, until saint-Pierre-Eglise local communities association (authorities) buy it back.

It will be given a new name « Marie Ravenel watermill », to pay tribute to this woman, who lived there during 31 years. Marie Ravenel was knows to be both a poet and a miller

By coming to the mill, you will discover outside an amazing site :

– a 3.2m diameter water Wheel, restored in iroco wood (african wood)

– a large pond with an exceptional water volume (500000 liters)

– a lovely thatched roof.


Inside, you will see the whole mill gears system, a couple of millstones. One of the two is still daily in action for flour production. a typical Norman interior Inside the building will bring you back in the old days way of life.

A classroom in the fifties style has been recently built. It may remind most of us out very first time at school. In addition, a traditional baker’s oven has been manufactured and is the perfect place for many activities around bread production.